Monday, October 24, 2011

This Wednesday!

This past season, I had the pleasure of co-curating a special event - MATA's Interval Festival 5.1 - at Brooklyn's Issue Project Room with composer Ryan Lott (a.k.a Son Lux) to be held this coming Wednesday, October 26 at 8pm.

The gist of the co-curation was that Ryan and I were each to choose a young, early-career composer to present at the Festival (as is MATA's mission). I decided to present Terran Olson, whom almost all of my readers know from his longtime participation in my bands, Kayo Dot, maudlin of the Well, and more recently, Tartar Lamb II. Terran's a great composer, but most of my listeners probably don't know this, since his role in my bands always appears to the public to be a support role. However, Terran has written a great deal of horn and keyboard parts for Kayo Dot (the famous clarinet solo in "The Manifold Curiosity", for example, was penned and performed by Terran). I thought that Terran has not had too much of an opportunity to present his ground-up compositions to our fans, so he was one of my top choices to present here.

Terran's going to premiere a clarinet sonata he wrote for himself on piano and with Kayo Dot's Dan Means on clarinet.

Also performing in the same set will be Joshue Ott and Son Lux. Joshue is a programmer who designed a visual instrument called SuperDraw. With some of this text taken from Son Lux's blog, "During Wednesday night’s show [Joshue] and [Son Lux] will perform custom arrangements of Son Lux material, syncing superDraw with [Son Lux's] audio performance environment over a closed network.

Joshue also built the iPad app/audio-visual instrument Thicket with co-creator Morgan Packard, and he’ll perform 'with' it Wednesday, as well. Thicket will simultaneously generate sound and picture using a combination of custom algorithms, its own inscrutable whim, and Joshue’s guiding hands."

I also believe that Terran and Joshue will be performing a collaborative improvisation as well, using a quadraphonic SuperCollider patch that Terran wrote, processing audio input from Dan's clarinet.

Please come and check this show out if you're able. It's very exciting for me to be able to give Terran an opportunity to present some of his own music, and I'm sure it would mean a lot to him for his long-running fans in KD and motW to come check out some of this, his more personal work.

Issue Project Room at the Old Can Factory, Brooklyn NY, Wednesday, Oct. 26, 8pm.

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