Tuesday, November 16, 2010

He gets it!!!

Highlights from a recent "Coyote" review at ProgArchives.com by AtomicCrimsonRush:

"...I hated it... I simply like to be entertained by music and this has the opposite effect."

"I was disturbed"

"The band just wallow in misery"


"At the end I felt depressed and I don't listen to music to feel depressed."

"Maybe this would speak to me if I were going through a break up or lost my job or a loved one passed away or I gave my soul away, but life is not like that for me. I can't relate to dark depressing sonnets and don't really want to subject my ears to hearing from the jaded warped minds of such musicians."

"The vocals are just miserable and despairing,"

"It is quite a feat of endurance to get through this."

"the gut wrenching music is nauseating beyond belief."

"it is simply not entertaining."

"As a parent I would cry if my children were listening to this."

"Coyote is drab and disturbing."

"sheer bleak atmosphere... I won't be returning to this."