Monday, December 26, 2011


Happy New Year to everyone. The new Kayo Dot album, Gamma Knife, will be out in a few days. I'll post again when it's released, with more specifics.

I'm redesigning my site to be a bit more simple and modern, as you can see. One of the main things I'm doing is organizing all my past work into the "Archive" section so that it appears more like those pieces are in the past and not current. The reason for this is that in 2012, I'm moving into a new and more focused path for my visual art and want to leave the other stuff behind, in a way. It has bothered me that pretty much all of the artwork I've done, and which has been displayed on my site, has been work that's been done really inexpensively and relatively quickly (relative to the work of "real" visual artists). Usually when I get hired to do some album cover artwork, the budget is so low that I can only spend a few days maximum on a piece. Likewise, with artwork for my own albums, it's always been limited by production deadlines. The result has been that what the public sees of my visual artistic vision is a super-compromised version, and I want to change this.

Mainly, I'm going to try to spend some more time and energy on visual art in 2012 so that what I can present to the public is a more accurate representation of my desires (within feasibility). I feel that I've approached music this way for so long, and it's time for the visual element to catch up. I've realized that visual art is actually a big part of my identity and I've been doing myself a disservice by approaching it as a hobby.