Thursday, March 24, 2011

New artwork up, new music, MOTW live!?!?!

Hey all, I've been slacking on this blog for a while - sorry! Guess my head's been in other places.

I returned home just a few weeks ago from a really great (mostly Eastern) European tour with Kayo Dot. It was definitely the most positive European touring experience for our band yet... a good sign!

For our homecoming show in NYC on March 15, our former guitarist Greg Massi sat in with us, and we played, as a very special surprise, an old maudlin of the Well song - "Stones of October's Sobbing" !!! It was enormously enjoyable for us, and to make it even better, this was a song that we were never actually able to pull off back ten years ago as maudlin of the Well. We tried a few times, but just couldn't do it! Not sure why, as it's not too difficult, but it's an encouraging thought to think we must be growing as musicians.

I just updated the site today with some recent artwork, and links to some of the more recent recordings. The TARTAR LAMB II album, Polyimage of Known Exits, has been released digitally (listen to it at, and the vinyl version will be out in about 6 weeks from now.

For all who didn't know, I play bass in another band called VAURA, which is kind of a goth/pop/black metal thing. The band also features Kevin Hufnagel from Dysrhythmia and Gorguts. We begin recording our first album next week with Colin Marston, which will be released on WIERD Records this fall! Vaura plays regu7larly around NYC, so come check us out sometime.. next one is May 22 at Death By Audio.