Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Second Sight

Hey all, just got a new webcam for the sake of trying to give lessons via Skype, but in the meantime i also thought I'd upload some casual guitar stuff to youtube as well. Here's a simple little tune I wrote just last night, with lyrics by Jason Byron.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm a fan of a fan

I'm a fan of a fan and his name is Eric Laurin. Eric's one of the most supportive people my partners in music and I have ever come across; he takes care of all our bands and we wouldn't even have the strength to continue if it weren't for people like him.

I mention Eric because he's the one who encouraged me to start a mailing list, which I have just very recently done, after fifteen years of reluctance.

If you want to subscribe to it, send an email to me at eptaceros@gmail.com


Coyote, Stained Glass, Lessons, Artworks, Maps, Pictures, Dreams...

First update in a long while. Most of the relevant news has actually been appearing on the kayodot.net main page, as I haven't really felt the need to editorialize much. Coyote was released in April, right as I left for tour playing bass for Secret Chiefs 3 in Europe, so Kayo Dot didn't really get a chance to tour Coyote in the States. Initially, we thought Coyote was going to be released in January, so we had planned on touring around that time, but things got delayed, then our drummer, Dave Bodie, had a baby and I got another gig. Oh well...

We're going to play Coyote on tour in November and January/February though, along with some old material. Speaking of tour, the U.S. leg will coincide with the release of Coyote on vinyl, courtesy of TAIGA records, and our new EP, Stained Glass, on CD, courtesy of Hydra Head. Then, the January/February portion of touring will coincide with the release of TARTAR LAMB II on vinyl, with Tartar Lamb II and Jeremiah Cymerman opening the concerts in Europe.

Stained Glass was just completed a couple weeks ago, with a majority of the recording being done by me at home. Check out the Stained Glass page here at my website for some audio, when the time comes, as well as images, and more about the recording. Trey Spruance from Secret Chiefs 3/Mr. Bungle was kind enough to perform a late-nite guitar solo on this record for us!

In other recent news, our kickstarter.com campaign to fund a TARTAR LAMB II recording was a success! We're beginning recording on Saturday, Sept. 25 here in Brooklyn. We'll send updates via the kickstarter.com page shortly after that. Excited!

Finally, I decided to start giving private lessons (on guitar, bass, clarinet, and other stuff like composition, theory, gear tech, etc). I used to do this at a music store in Connecticut, and think the time is right to start again. Since most people that would be interested in this are outside of NYC, I've been encouraged to try to do lessons via Skype. Contact me if you're interested!