Sunday, October 30, 2011

maudlin of the Well - Bath & Leaving Your Body Map LP box set!

I occasionally receive emails from people asking about whether the old maudlin of the Well double album, Bath/Leaving Your Body Map is available to buy. Until now, it hasn't been... it's been sadly out of print on CD for years, and we certainly don't have any extra copies.

However, coming this winter, Antithetic Records (out of Florida) has teamed up with Blood Music (out of Finland) to re-release this legendary double-album on vinyl for the first time ever. This will be a box set, 4 LPs plus a 7-inch of "The Secret Song," (and of course, download codes for all the music) replete with extras such as a brand new poster, 10th-anniversary T-shirt, and maudlin of the Well logo guitar picks (what!!!). Most of these extra items are bonuses that accompany pre-orders only!

Also, we need about 150 pre-orders in order to be able to even go into production, since this is a box set and will be quite expensive to produce.

So! If you're interested, please head over to one of the labels' stores (Antithetic for US and Canada and Blood Music for anywhere else in the world) and pre-order this baby!

BLOOD MUSIC -- Worldwide (except USA/Canada):



Xaxaar said...

Just preordered one...can't wait!

Xaxaar said...

Just preordered one...can't wait!!

Xaxaar said...

Just preordered it...can't wait!!

alex nekro said...