Friday, June 5, 2009

Some notes on "Part The Second"

Being an online release, I have been paying some attention to the response to this record just to see how people are taking it. Seems like people are pleased, which is great! Thanks for all the support and we (the band) are totally grateful for the positive response. There are a few specific things I want to address:

1) The issue of playing live. OK, so this band doesn't really exist anymore, being that all the members are spread out all over the nation and are not really "pursuing music" anymore, as it were. That said, let's imagine that some festival wanted to invite motW to play... if it was feasible, i don't think it'd be out of the question to re-organize the group.

2) There is a sample in the middle of "Rose Quartz Turning to Glass" that some people have been saying is some kind of "avant-garde" vocal trick of mine.. I just want to mention that it is a SAMPLE of something specific and not a vocal and not performed by me! There's more to it than that, as is the case with every layer of motW's music. You guys should know that by now.

3) Q: Why does Toby continue to release difficult-to-comprehend music like Kayo Dot when he could easily make another crowd-pleaser like PART THE SECOND?

A: I'm happy to take the opportunity to make non-confrontational records like this for the fans whenever possible. Really the only reason I don't is that doing a record takes a LOT of time and resources, of which there are currently only enough to focus on one real path. I choose the path which helps myself develop and grow, and for me that's to work with new ideas as opposed to old ones. However, if at some point in the future there is enough time and resources to make records and play music full-time and in the interest of supporting everyone involved, then yeah, of course I can make tons more music like this.