Tuesday, August 25, 2009

About to leave for Europe and some final thoughts -

So we are about to head out for a European tour. We'll be playing mostly all places we have not played before. I'm especially excited to play in Poland, which is where half of my family's heritage comes from. Should be interesting!
We're doing our best to bring as much of the merchandise that everyone wants the most. This tour, like all of them, but this one especially, is going to be financially hard on us in a potentially catastrophic way. All we ask is that everyone please, spread word of the shows, come out to the gigs, and buy merch. Then we should be golden and able to come back in the future.

Last Europe's tour was a Blue Lambency Downward tour.. so this time - we're turning it back a few years!! please come on out - my capo is READY!!!!