Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sixty Metonymies is here!!!

Yayy!! I finally got the CDs in the mail today and they look fantastic! A couple friends have offered to help distribute, so I may go through those channels soon. Although I may wait until the next pressing if there is one, because I basically need to sell every copy I have in order to break even! I spent a lot of time on the packaging so that hopefully it will encourage people to purchase a copy instead of downloading. I have posted some pictures of the package, sound samples, and details about the recording and purchase info up at Tartar Lamb's myspace blog. Please check it out and order one if you like what you hear. Thank you!!!


Dima said... wanted to order it SOOOOOOOOOOOO much..but im from Georgia(that country located in Asia..)so..dont think i can get the CD :'((((
wish u all the best!!Waiting for new Kayo Dot's album too:))thnx for works)

Toby Driver said...

Hey Dima! It's not a problem to ship to georgia if you really want to order one!

Matt Serra said...

What is "Ice Level Music"? When I googled, all I came up with was video game soundtracks for ice stages.

Toby Driver said...


deniz ural said...

Hi Dima

I just ordered the album and I am from Turkey. If I can received the CD soon, I will inform you from here. I hope Toby will help me to get my package safely. :)

Dima Pursanov said...

deniz ural & Toby..just saw your answers!Its very nice of you:)!I'll try to order it again...May be i'll get it with friend's help;)..thnx:)

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