Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall 2009

Home from tour!

It was, overall, cool. The tour started off on a sour note though, as the UK border guards denied Bodie, our drummer, entry into the UK, thereby basically ruining all of our UK shows. Kayo Dot saxist Dan Means stayed behind to keep Bodie company for the week, and the remaining three of us did the UK shows as Tartar Lamb, and threw in some low-key versions of gentler Kayo Dot songs (i.e. Immortelle and Paper Caravelle). I really loved the UK though and had a wonderful time, in spite of the problems. We really will try to come back properly as soon as possible.

Bodie and Dan rejoined us in France... and from that point on, Kayo Dot played as the full band. Super-notable mainland mentions are the Portuguese, the Slovakians, Valborg and the people of Bonn, and Radek and the people of Warsaw (Radek, I know you read this blog, so THANK YOU!). Wow!! You guys all had unbelievable enthusiasm and showed amazing support. We truly appreciate you treating us well and extend great love and well-wishes to you all.

A couple news items:

Firstly, a new Kayo Dot track has been posted online today at TIME OUT NEW YORK/THE VOLUME. Steve Smith (@nightafternight on Twitter) is the author of this awesome write-up. Steve has been supportive of us for years and we're happy that he is the one to premiere this track for the world. Check out the track here:

Secondly, I was just reading some of the reviews of maudlin of the Well - PART THE SECOND at and wow.. thank you guys! These reviews make me blush. They're really worth reading... Seriously, your sentiments are awesome and make it so worthwhile to continue doing what I do. I really appreciate it and am happy that the music may have affected you as powerfully as it has affected me. Read the reviews here:


Radosław said...
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Radosław said...

Thanks Toby, thank you all guys! It was fantastic to have you here. I hope that we'll meet again soon :)

Joel said...

Thanks Toby - I'm an avid ProgArchives member, and I wrote a review for Part The Second.
I grabbed it as a free download, and I'd like to say thankyou for literally quadrupling my musical horizons! After that album, I've collected the rest of your work with motW, and just ordered my first Kayo Dot album. You're a continuing inspiration and a true genius.


Lorenzo Barbagli said...

Hi, I discovered Part the Second reading the reviews on ProgArchives and I must say that for me it's not only the album of the year, but a timeless masterpiece!