Saturday, March 28, 2009

events coming up very soon!

As some of you may have heard via Mia's posting on myspace, facebook, etc., our very close personal friend Yuko Sueta has been severely debilitated over the past few months by metastasized breast cancer (in other words, it spread). As a result she has found herself unable to get up out of bed, which means she's unable to work, pay bills, etc. So her friends have put together a few benefit events for her that are coming right up.

The events are really cool - the first is an art auction with works supplied by friends of Yuko. There will be original works by big names including Richard Kern and Satomi Matsuzaki (the singer of Deerhoof), and some contributions by myself as well. Check out the flyer for the full list.

The second event is a rock concert!! the lineup will be Apollo Heights, Nymph, and Kayo Dot. We'll be playing new material from our upcoming summer 2009 Hydra Head album and one killer old song that many of you have been asking us to play for a while.

Check out the flyers below for more info and please pass along. Thank you!

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