Tuesday, January 27, 2009

BLD Vinyl and special items now available for preorder!!


Along with the vinyl, you can preorder a t-shirt and/or even better, an extra-special, triple-poster set which features a Blue Lambency Downward story comic starring and also designed by yours truly. They're super-limited and will only be available for two weeks or less. Check out the link for more info and images!!


Grant said...

Great! I just ordered a white copy with the tee. Do you know if the vinyl is 180g?
Since I'm guessing a lot of people can't afford the limited triptych art prints, you should post the whole set in your artwork section later this year after they're long sold out (in low quality versions of course).
By the way, I really love the new-age "Starfox" you recently made. I currently have it as my desktop background.

Toby Driver said...

They are a little pricey, but it's warranted - the production cost was quite high (again - 7 screens), plus an ENORMOUS amount of work that went into the design.