Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Upcoming Kayo Dot Shows

We have about a week's worth of shows on the path to and from SXSW in March. There are a couple towns that need filling in, but there's now a pretty solid list up at Kayo Dot's myspace page. Nice to be booking again after not playing since '06! As far as lineup details, we have been rehearsing with a few guys:

Patrick Wolff (woodwinds), Daniel Means (woodwinds and guitar), David Bodie (drums from Time of Orchids), and Terran Olson on keyboards and woodwinds (formerly of Kayo Dot and maudlin of the Well - yes!!!!)


Anonymous said...

Yay for Terran Olson! Great woodwind chops.

Now get your asses over to England ;)

Brendan said...

...and France !

Atomic said...

Looks like the guys are making it to France with Gregor Samsa!

Now I've just got to keep my fingers still crossed for a London date!