Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Worth reading!



Cabface said...

The new album is an album of Castlevania covers?

Anonymous said...

I think it's telling that the best game in the series is still the first game. Circle of the moon was pretty good though, which people tell me is just a pale imitation of Symphony of the Night, so maybe that's not necessarily true. My point is there just too damn many of them, and the best ones are generally those that deviate the least (i.e. have nothing new to say).

Also, near the bottom I saw that Paul W.S. Anderson was slated to direct a film adaptation but was then replaced by Sylvia White a.k.a. Skav One, who seems to have his biggest achievement as: I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer. That really is far too fabulous. Kinda like expecting to be kicked in the crouch, but then set on fire instead.