Tuesday, October 23, 2007


OK ok, we're basically done! I promise I'll announce the details, like titles and all that good stuff, in a few days. What's the hold up? Well, everything just always takes longer than you think it's gonna. In the meantime, a concert date has been added to the calendar. Sat., Nov 17th @ The Stone. Please come check it out if you are able.

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Dima Pursanov said...

eh..Visiting your concert is one of my greatest dreams,but..Distance takes its place and i have to stay at home and wait for album's release..:(
On nov .17 i jst MUST do smth special too:P
ok,Toby,Good Luck with work and i hope "longer" wont be too long(:(tho i cant say now,what i meant as 'TOO LOOOOONG')