Friday, June 15, 2007

kayodot update!

I have finally been able to officially book the recording dates for the album, and it's August 26th - Sept 9!!! That's pretty soon! Also, drum rehearsal starts tomorrow morning (Friday) !

Just a quick update to psych everyone up!


Anonymous said...


But who's gonna play on it? (aside from you, Mia and Charlie)

Anonymous said...

Is Greg still going to contribute guitar parts?

Toby Driver said...

for now, the plan for musicians is us three, plus a woodwind player, and then when we get out to seattle other things might fall into place with guest players. greg's not playing on this one.. although he's not disinvited or anything, but just busy with his own stuff and we're doing the guitars on the west coast.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Are you planning to play any shows on the way over to the west this time?

David said...


A new Kayo Dot album!!!!!

i CAN'T wait!!!